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Welcome to the Redrock Helpdesk! The navigation bar on the left will allow you to start a new conversation with us, view our documentation, or request a demo/training! If you have questions about your Trac System contract or billing, reach out to Laura Reed at

Q: "How do I change semesters?"
A: Instructions on changing semesters can be found here for TracCloud, and here for Trac 4.0.

Q: "Who can reach out to Redrock Software for support?"
A: To receive assistance from Redrock Software, you must be a SysAdmin on our contact list. If you need to review your instance's contact list, reach out to Laura Reed at

Q: "What information should I provide when submitting a question about an issue?"
A: In order to assist you, Redrock will need enough information to replicate the issue to begin working torwards a solution. For example, if a student is having trouble logging in, let us know what the student's ID or name is and what center they were trying to log into. If someone is having trouble with authentication, let us know their username and provide a screenshot of the error they receive. The more detailed information is provided in the initial ticket, the faster we'll be able to assist you in finding a resolution. Please do not send sensitive information or import files over email.